Flex Engine


Flex Engine is my personal game engine which I began work on in February 2017 as a playground for learning about real-time technology. During the first year of development I focused on the renderer, after which I began adding support for the plethora of other necessary systems that a game engine requires (such as audio, player input, physics, and UI.)

Find the source for Flex at: github.com/ajweeks/FlexEngine

Follow my progress on this project on my blog at ajweeks.com/blog

Notable Features

A view of the editor tools showing info about scenes, objects, materials, lights, and user-settings

Profiler overlay showing a breakdown the CPU-time of a single frame

GBuffer (top-left to bottom-right): position, albedo, normal, final image, depth, metallic, AO, roughness

The effect different environment maps have on the same model when using image-based lighting


I must extend a huge thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their incredibly useful resources: