Flex Engine


Flex Engine is a personal game engine I began work on in February 2017. I use it as a playground for learning about real-time techniques. You can find the source here: github.com/ajweeks/FlexEngine

Notable Features

A view of the editor tools showing info about scenes, objects, materials, lights, and user-settings

Basic implementation of Cascaded Shadow Mapping

Two million particles updated and rendered entirely on the GPU, utilizing the compute stage

Profiler overlay showing a breakdown the CPU-time of a single frame

Some of the editor windows

Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

GBuffer (top-left to bottom-right): position, albedo, normal, final image, depth, metallic, AO, roughness

The effect different environment maps have on the same model when using image-based lighting

See more screenshots here


A huge thank you must be given to the following individuals and organizations for their incredibly useful resources:


Stay (somewhat) up to date about this project on my blog at ajweeks.com/blog