So maybe you could tell, by the lack of post regarding my entry into Ludum Dare 33, that I didn’t complete a game for the contest. I didn’t start one either, I just wasn’t feeling it I guess. The theme of “You are the Monster” didn’t really spark anything in me either.

I have been quite busy since I posted the last entry, especially since school has started. I have been working on prototypes in the little spare time I have, mostly on the weekends. No finished games yet, but I will certainly be releasing at least one game before the end of 2015, making me 50% of the way to my original goal. Not great I guess, but I’m quite happy with the quality of each game, which I think is more important than having 12 poor quality, rushed games. By the way, the exhaustive list of games I’ve completed this year is: Pong, Mirrors (Java), Mirrors (TS), Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, and Breakout. I’m definitely a better developer than I was at the start of the year, and I think the 12 in 12 challenge has helped keep me motivated to keep learning. I’ve also been poking and prodding my website every once in a while, and making small updates to projects on there. I’ve been trying to put things on there other than games, so far I have just an embeded SketchFab project of a Truck I modeled for my first 3D assignment of college. I plan on putting some artwork up there also, once I create said artwork that is.

I—for the life of me—can not decide how I want to write these blog posts. I love the ease of WordPress, and its blogging feature is pretty much incomparable to others I’ve seen. However, I really like the idea of having a completely vanilla website which I write completely myself; html, css, js and all. But as time goes on and I see more and more incredibly impressive websites made using either WordPress, JQuery, and/or other libraries and frameworks, I begin to reconsider. If there was a way to integrate WordPress’ blogging feature into my website, I would love it. However as far as I know, if you want to use the blogging feature, you need to use WordPress for everything. That would be all well and good, but WordPress seems to freak out when you try inserting JavaScript into pages, which is a deal breaker for me.

So until I decide, I will continue to use the wordpress site for blog posts, and my “actual” website for posting projects and things. Although, I have been leaning toward using my own website, with the integration of various plugins. Also, I am still using free domain names for both websites, but I plan on purchasing a real domain once I decide on whether or not to use WordPress. Obviously I can’t use a ‘’ url and expect people to take me as a serious professional. But for now, things will stay as they are.